“I have a lot of professions and I love all equally,” said Ana Nazdaidze, who is currently working as an instructor in the Academy of the Academy and reconsides lecturers to the next subject – “Standards for Relations with Persons with Disabilities and Peculiarities of Communication”; Journalist, Sports Manager, Trainer, Master of Adaptive Sports, Human Rights Defender of Disabled Persons etc. Ana speaks about the issues of the magazine “Road”, which, despite a number of campaigns, still exist in modern society:

“I’m waiting for the second time from spring to spring”

– And it’s probably not just for me, as spring symbols of joy, love, novelty and new life. I love Spring with her beautiful colors, as if I had a second breath, I would like to start something new and important. From spring to spring I expect to come back to the second and get new energy, which goes from year to year and not the problems that are today in the XXI century People with disabilities are facing me, I am sure that the public would often see such people in the street, some friends, some with their family members and others, but … that’s not a lot but it’s not a simple dream of many people .

“Everyone has the right to live in the streets, the right to love”

– I mentioned love, I bitterly … Because not we can not afford a disabled person, on the contrary, we can and how … Many can not compare with the pure feeling of our heart but the society? The society, in which each one of us lives, everyday touch, not even think about it, will drag you off and shine, just because you are “something different” you can not walk, short dress and heel can not get your long Feet, can not wear a decorative and chestnut Uli hip shaking will not invade their hearts, you have a “poor disabled” are, who is wheelchair-bound and do not have the right to just the right … mikrdzalaven, which the Lord has given me, and the law; They are banned because of their own ignorance and complexity. In fact, it’s all right, everybody has the right to live, go out of the street, work, work and even the right to love … the right that people create and their complexes in the frame … It’s strange that our complexes are “different” people.

“Why should people look like one another?”

“A sixth grade student told me:” Dear, why do not we get people who are like their physical and spiritual condition? And if we look at the world, there are not even two identical points, why do we make people look like one? ” I agree and really why do we want to see only “standard” people in society? What’s wrong with the person who has the whole wheel of a wheelchair or even the one who can recognize the world by touching it and will never be able to see this beauty? What was the reason for the child who did not hear the whole life of the mother? People are like black jeans dressed up, blue or torn … These people create the environment and we are staying home, do not go out, do not go, do not laugh, do not love, do not learn, do not marry and do not let children Why? Just because their cozyness is broken, they are worried about seeing a child with an autistic spectrum disorder in the street because it does not satisfy the standard norms that they have set up and voices in the street, requiring things to be crawled and inadequate from their perspective.