The “Tbilisi mast” is a topic of humorous shows. It is interesting how and who created these songs, what was their popularity and where are the “Seafi boys”, one of the members of the group – Juba Maruashvili, who is currently working in the agricultural direction with international organizations.

“The story of these two songs that we mentioned to people we respect – Kote and Irma Malanis, with which we have been working for a certain period of time and then we started to work in a completely new and different direction for us. First of all, I would like to sing “Sokhumi” as one of the most successful single songs for us, which has brought us absolutely unexpected success and, most importantly, has played a very interesting role in the direction of Georgian-Abkhazian people’s diplomacy. Later, I was working with the Abkhazian youth and could not imagine what they were saying about the song and the warmth.

As for the “Tbilisi tower” and the concept of its development, you can see that when the Tbilisi mast is better off the Eiffel and this phrase really remains. Music and text belongs to Kote Malania. It was practically spontaneously produced during this period and we all felt half-humorous though I remember one of the radios of 2005 as the “Most Listening” song. History was very interesting – he was associated with one of the French girls who traveled to Tbilisi and made some records about Tbilisi. Then we contacted the story and made this song dedicated to the girl (who is his name, sorry but I can not).

I remember once in the defense of the master’s topic, the lecturer said in the final words: – Apart from this main issue, this student and his friends have a very interesting concept of development of the Tbilisi mop and you can ask questions in this direction …

Many friends make this song a different interpretation today and many are joking about it. ”

There is a short history of the existence of the group “Seafi Boys” (members – Giorgi Lavrelashvili, Giorgi Shengelia and Juba Maruashvili). As Juba says, their musical and personal development is related to the man who created the history of the 50s of the 1960s, the music of the Georgian blues, jazz. “It was a man who had been called” The Georgian Pastor’s Conscience and the Amas “and this man was Eduard Sepashvili (father of Merab Sepashvili). That’s the name of our group called “Sepp boys”. This name accidentally hit us in 1998 at the Philharmonic one evening. Since then, we can not afford to sing “music”, but to some extent, it is a status for us.

It was not a group created for a commercial purpose, or as often happens. “Project”. The group members: Giorgi Lavrelashvili (Babu), Giorgi Shengelia and I, together with the classical guitar 5-year school. Then came the idea – our musical unity continued in any form. At the time when we were 13-14 years old, we went to Eduard Sepashvili who received us. We aimed to study the urban and classical music of the 50-60s of the last century, which had not many performers and listeners. It was not easy to play teenage music, Georgian jazz and blues from 13-14 year old teenage girls, but we could easily get out of it and we would have chosen somebody else, “said Juba Maruashvili.

There were three, then the fourth member, Irakli Alpaidze and Irakli always remember the time period. In the past we can not talk about “Seafi boys”. In fact, it still exists, because we meet each other and share the ideas, and most importantly, we are together. So let’s not be surprised, even if you leave our active stage in life, if you find yourself somewhere in our evening somewhere in a narrow circle. “