In this case, the key is broken, they will be more serious problems, with which you have to deal and there you will have to totally disarm the whole cylinder or in this case change the lock.

So the first thing you do is grease or lubricate the entrance to the lock, in case it is rusted. You will have to learn how to open the door with the key, without the need to call a locksmith.

Open lock with the key stuck

You are going to be very careful or careful and try to force yourself out and take out the key on the first attempt, if you can not achieve it at all, you should choose to use other tools.

Try to do it with tweezers and take out the key little by little. If the key definitely does not come out, you must choose to open the door with a knife and disarm the keyhole and see where the root problem lies.

Sometimes you need to make the change or just replace the part that is needed at that time.