– By the way, I remember the time: “Yesterday I was ill, not today” – I had about such a day. I got a lot of compliments on that day. I do not know the reason, I have no idea – it was one ordinary day (you were a teenager). It was just the first time I felt self-confidence, otherwise I was always telling myself, ‘What’s nice, I do not think it’s good at all. When a person gets used to his own appearance, you will not be able to get it – Wait, what a nice person I am. It is good to say that you have to compliment me, but I’m not “shy” on my looks. Of course, it is pleasurable when you are told about the katinari.

– When did you have a period of time when you thought I was ugly?

– Yes, no! Everyone has a unhappy day when the hair is terrible, you do not like makeup, you feel bad, nor do you like the forms of your body … As I had all the women, I had such cases, but then it was on the other side and then the other one was balanced.

– Do you consider yourself a strong kid?

– I feel more like a kid than stronger. Do you know why? There was not a decisive test of my strength, because I was lucky in my family (I had a “back”) and my spouse (and “back” still). I do not have the experience of taking great burden on myself, even though I do a lot of things: family affairs, children’s upbringing, but I still feel that the word “whisper” is more than “strength”. Absolutely absolutely all can be: baby, woman, man …

– After your family’s creation, you often meet your friend?

– Yes, I have such a friend. We thought about something devious: in the settlement where we moved to live, many of our friends bought a house. So friends became neighbors. That’s why I do not have a relationship with them, because we’re getting together, sometimes we are fortunate in this regard. Priorities are so eloquent that people have to get home at home – is not it necessary to care for children only? The spouse also needs less attention from her husband, as for example, children and the job … sometimes during the day she will not be able to get four friends to care for children and care for her and her husband. So if you have a colleague’s meeting once a week, it’s good.

– Have you had a crisis in marriage relationship?

– Yes, the crisis is in every relationship. This is especially important when the couple can not agree on something very important. Even though we had such a situation, we would have lost some other things: 1-2 days, and then we’re getting it all like that.

– Who is the mainstay of disagree?

– What does it mean to “give up”? If you say yes, then you should not argue with someone. When you argue, whether you want or not, it’s already a conflict – no concession is coming out. Finally, if you argue very much, you do not have any sense (to cry). That is why you should either allocate and “walk”, which is unacceptable for you, or you must end up to the end. I have a situation, but many times.

– What is the subject of your debate?

– For example, gender issues.

– so?

– I do not agree with her stereotypical view of gender issues, for example – if the woman should do it or not … maybe this kind of debate has come.