Russian blogger Dmitri Ivanov is familiar with the Internet users. The blogger’s YouTube channel has more than half a million subscribers and every video has hundreds of thousand views.  attention is a lot of topics in the process of being inside or outside Russia, but all of them are basically one goal – the critique of the Kremlin and Putin’s regime.

Recently, Ivanov devoted a cordial annexation to Georgia.

Putin’s government was opposed to the blogging and the Kremlin criticism. Following the “Kremlin bots” on Youtube channel, the blogger had to repel the real attackers near his house in the street. After that, he had to leave his homeland and move to Prague for a more secure place to live.

One of the most critical Russian bloggers against the Russian government has agreed to an exclusive interview with AMBEBI.GE. We talked to him about the occupation of Georgia.

– How do you assess the aggressive foreign policy of Russia and what is your attitude towards Georgia’s occupation?

– Since 2002 the history of recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia begins by Russia. In 2006 Russia says frankly that it is ready to attack Georgia for protecting its population and citizens. In 2008, troops are deployed. So, who thinks Crimea is the first game of Putin, this is a lie. In the case of Georgia it was the same, but somehow the world community decided not to react and to date Abkhazia and South Ossetia are unrecognized republics. Of course, it is recognized by Russia and North Korea.

Watch video: “I do not need Georgians” – Interview with Russian blogger, whom Putin is fighting
– You say in one blog that you prefer Russia to develop in its own borders … How many people in Russia think of you as you do? Are those who do not support Russian foreign policy and occupation of territories of Georgia and Ukraine?

– The Russians have been in power for years in the form of Putin. He holds this foreign policy with Lavrov, Zakharova and other representatives of the Foreign Ministry. If this is the foreign policy of Russia and the population supports Putin, most people support such aggressive foreign policy.

My main task in blogging is to explain to people that it does not matter how the geopolitical picture of the world looks. The important thing is that everything in our entrance is falling down, leaving the roofs of the roof and striking citizens. This is important and not whether Ukraine will take the Crimea, whether it’s historically or not, can not even discuss it!

Is to establish the borders of the countries and Russia must develop within its borders, to develop not the army and the “Rossvidia” (“Rossvidia” unites 340 thousand soldiers; Guardians are equipped with the most modern military equipment, equipment and weapons. Stroke does not obey and orders from the Kremlin) but social status and medicine. Somehow such things are not understood in Russia.

So the people who think that Russia should abandon their claims to the territories of the former Soviet Union, unfortunately, are in the minority.

– How important is Georgia’s theme in Russia and still propaganda to justify the occupation of our country?

– In 2018, when a ten-year anniversary of the Russo-Georgian War, a number of propagandist films were released. Of course, I did not see them, I thought that there was nothing new about the events after 2008.

People are lying on TV with a TV Less than Georgia now is Ukraine on the main agenda. There are elections and the future president of Ukraine is of course an important issue and it is dedicated to all talk shows on Russian federal channels, so be happy that you are no more stories about you today!

– As far as I know, you have to leave your country. How did the Kremlin take this step?

– It’s just dangerous