He has a younger brother – Giorgi Tsertsvadze (4 years old) who has been married to Maka’s second marriage. Maka and Nutsa talk about the mother-in-law relationship in the interview with “Road”, which connects them with …

Maka: – If you did not see me, I was 19 years old. Because of the young age, I found a little harder about the birth of a new life. Of course, my mother soon became pregnant – I realized what was needed for motherhood and how many things I had to do … I was a very cute baby. She had a beautiful hair color. It was fat and delicious. Because of Nutsa, we stopped in the street (we fell) … slowly we started to increase. We had very difficult moments in life, because I was alone. My mother helped me (my father died). It’s hard when the child is very upset. You always have a feeling that he has something to do, not a full family … I have all these complexes. I was a little too young. My friends were just going somewhere, but I could not do it myself – no need to sleep on me …

Nutsa: – Did you take me to the club?

Maka: – No, de … I wanted to, but who would stop us? Then be 3 years old. My friend had a party in Batumi. We wanted to get there, but who would give me a 3-year-old child ?! So we went back home.

– Nutsa, what kind of mother is Maka?

– The ideal mother, because I never felt that I was growing up – I was mocking me. I remember the first wage – 12 lari (the children taught at the Theatrical University) bought chocolate for me. Whatever life I had with Macka, I did the same thing: for example, in the theater, nightclub rehearsals. The reason was not the only thing that did not leave me? That’s it. I am accustomed to the theater environment.

Maka: – My mother has a hard time. We gave the baby a big grandmother, but after performing on rehearsals, rehearsals, and even then, all the “cuisine” knew where he was going …

– Nutsa, what profession do you have now?

Nutsa: – I study psychology at Caucasus University. I like this sphere. Initially I wanted to study at the medical faculty. Also, I was thinking about painting and writing at the Academy of Arts. At last I chose psychology. So, or I will go to this job, or – to the medical – if you are abroad.

Maka: – He studied in German school. From the very beginning we learned that I learned in Germany, but then the departure changed, because I can not stand my muskucca. It is 19 years old and can not be independent till the end. Let’s get up and see what it will do.

– How did you move the age of shading?

– We could not recall each other at the time of Nutsa’s transition. Our conversation was shouting, we were all quarrelsome. I did not like anything – I did what I was talking about … I did not like it anymore. Then, gradually, I’m going to “get up” because it’s grown up and it’s a big girl … at all, when there is a father in the family, there’s a different kind of fear and fear. We had freedom. That’s why the age of the transition is “harder”.

– Do not you jealous of young, beautiful and beautiful mothers?

– No, never. Only one could be my brother’s laughing (laughing). I was always telling Maca, “I have to be the only one. I was a normal mother, an egoist child.

Maka: – But we have also “taken away”.

“Let’s leave the child to go to the cafe, a little bit of anxiety …” – what is Maka Dzagania in mother’s pillow
– How do you meet her mother’s marriage?

– Usually. From the very first day when Macka told me about her marriage, I got this story very well. Mother, the first words that I told you about this time I love you when I hear you …

Maka: – I’d be happy and if you’re happy with everything, then you’re happy. And so my son has blessed me